Rely on us for gas tank repair services in Holland, MI or surrounding areas

Over time, gunk and rust can build up inside your gas tank and cause corrosion. Rust can also cause your engine to run hot and even clog your fuel filters. Don't let your gas tank put your engine in danger. Keep your vehicle running smoothly with gas tank repair services from Holland, MI.

A&J Automotive LLC can clean out your tank carefully and remove any rust and buildup with ease. Call 616-494-9447 today to schedule a fuel tank cleaning appointment.

Clean out your gas tank ASAP

Don't drive around with a rusty gas tank. When you need gas tank repair services, rely on A&J Automotive. We offer the following services:

  • Sandblasting
  • Acid cleaning
  • Tank rebuilding
Need to install a new gas tank? We can do that too. Contact us to arrange for fuel tank cleaning services in Holland, MI or surrounding areas.